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Do you want to give away for free - to every active carrier and

broker (both your prospects & customers) to grow your sales FAST and to move

everyone you work with to 100% digital settlement & payment?

YES – it works (and we can prove it). 😊

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Get unprecedented & sticky reach into ALL carriers and brokers.

Every carrier or broker is instantly 100% digital with you (zero paper – ever).

completely eradicates your invoice fraud.

Enjoy the benefits of the + full automation.

Is it your dream to get every carrier or broker you work with (or that you want to work with) to be 100% digital – meaning no paper and no fraud – ever. Is this possible? YES IT IS. We () are already doing this successfully with some of the biggest names in factoring - TODAY!

And, if you want more customers – we have them. With over 34,600+ companies using today, we are THE access point to those carriers, brokers, and 3PL’s that you seek to business with digitally. exclusively connects directly into the , which will digitally handle every aspect of the payment & settlement process for you, your carriers & your brokers – with ZERO upfront capital expenditure.

As you probably already know, is the world’s most widely used TMS software and it’s #1 rated on ALL the major review websites. is the ONLY multi-tenant, cloud based TMS software that services ANY logistics or asset based operation (or any combination) through one simple web based TMS software platform. For you, that means with ONE single relationship with you can access every current user - AND every future user – to drive more sales and complete digital efficiency.

Nothing could be easier:

•   You get an unlimited free license to give away to any current customer or prospect that you want to do business with. That drives new business your way – and it keeps your existing customers very sticky with you.

•   ALL of your new (and current) customers using to run their business operations instantly become 100% digital with you. That means no paper & no fraud.

•   can completely eradicate invoice fraud. Whatever you’re used to seeing in annual fraudulent payments goes to $0! We’ll SHOW YOU how we do it.

•   Your sales team will triple their close rate of turning their prospects into new customers. How? Because offering new prospects the #1 rated TMS software (for free) AND promising faster payment processing makes prospects WANT to do business with you. That means MORE sales for you - and a much HAPPIER sales team.

•   will actively promote and sell your services for you INSIDE the software as part of our solution.

•   is profitable and totally debt free. We are stable and growing. You couldn’t find a more stable partner.

•   carrier and brokers clients range from the smallest “mom and pop” SMB’s to the largest $10+ billion multinational corporations (and everyone in between)

•   We are THE #1 rated TMS software by ALL leading software review websites like Capterra and Software Advice. Just Google Us!

•   25 to 30 new companies start using every single day. Are they doing business with you, too? They should be.

•   Leverage our cloud TMS to achieve your own strategic goals with your customers. We can even “white label” .

•   is totally INDEPENDENT (and owned by a publicly traded bank holding company). The market loves the fact that we have no conflict of interest with our TMS offering – and so we can offer our customers integration connections to ANY service they choose to do business with.

•   Our factor partners are TRUE PARTNERS. That means we only succeed if YOU succeed. It’s a two way street. We won’t do it any other way. We have a quarterly review program to MAKE SURE you're on track and growing through our partnership with you.


If you’re interested in learning more, let’s have a friendly and informative call. There’s absolutely no obligation – and we’ll tell you about some of the amazing and real success stories that our existing factor partners are seeing by giving away to their carrier and broker customers.

The bottom line for us is that YOU must succeed so WE can succeed. We won’t undertake any new factoring partnership unless you see significant new revenues and lower costs as a direct result of the partnership.

There are plenty of other reasons to partner with us, like our sunny Florida location (great for winter visits), our awesome stable team of experts (NOBODY leaves …although we think the unlimited vacations policy has something to do with it), and our hordes of HAPPY customers.

Interested in talking? Please contact us at Partners@InMotionGlobal.com. Tim Higham, our super-friendly CEO, will personally get your email. He’d love to start a conversation with you – and show you how other factors are already succeeding by leveraging .

Welcome to the family 😊!