AscendTMS Partnership

Partnering with gives you unprecedented reach and a significant

market advantage over your competitors. It works (and we can prove it). 😊

Load Management

Unprecedented reach into shippers, carriers and brokers.

Access all current AND future users with just ONE simple integration.

Simple cross marketing or a revenue share – you choose.

If you want more customers – we have them. With over 24,000+ companies using today, and paying customers in over 20 countries around the world (96% in North America), we are THE access point to the shippers, carriers, brokers, and 3PL’s you seek.

is the ONLY multi-tenant, cloud based TMS software that services ANY logistics operation (or combination) through one simple web based software platform. That means with ONE single integration with you can access every current user AND every future user. Nothing could be easier. Here are a few things that set us apart from the crowd:

•   ONE integration. Access to every current and future user.

•   Access shippers, carriers, brokers and 3PL’s (over 24,000 companies in total).

•   Join almost EVERY leading logistics service provider that’s already integrated with and seeing results.

•   Offer your prospects and customers a real value add by GIVING THEM . See how our existing partners leverage this to get more customers HERE.

•   will actively promote and sell your services for you INSIDE the software as part of our solution.

•   is profitable and debt free. We are stable and growing. You couldn’t find a more stable partner.

•   clients range from the smallest “mom and pop” SMB’s to the largest $10 billion multinational corporations (and everyone in between)

•   We are THE #1 rated TMS software by ALL leading software review websites like Capterra and Software Advice.

•   15 to 20 companies start using every single day. Are they doing business with you, too? They should be.

•   Leverage our cloud TMS to achieve your own strategic goals with your customers. We can even “white label” .

•   We are totally INDEPENDENT (and owned by a publicly traded bank holding company). The market loves the fact that we have no conflict of interest with our TMS offering – and so we can offer them integration connections to ANY service they choose to do business with.

•   We can either quickly cross-market with you or do a comprehensive revenue share (we do plenty of both). You choose!

•   Our partners are TRUE PARTNERS. That means we only succeed if YOU succeed. It’s a two way street. We won’t do it any other way. We have a quarterly review program to MAKE SURE you are on track and growing through our partnership with you.

There are plenty of other reasons to partner with us, like our sunny Florida location, awesome stable team (NOBODY leaves …although we think the unlimited vacations policy has something to do with it), and our hordes of HAPPY customers.

So, if you have a product or services that our existing 24,000+ customers would like, or that our future customers would be interested in, please contact us at Our CEO, Tim Higham, will personally get your email and looks at every potential partnership deal to make sure it’s a great fit for ALL parties (us, you, and our customers).

We look forward to hearing from you – and to helping us move the industry toward further digitization, efficiency, and more profits for all!

Welcome to the family 😊!