Driver Track & Trace Overview


Using a simple text message to your driver - Driver Track & Trace gives you the EXACT location of your drivers and the EXACT location of your loads in real-time. It also lets you send standard text messages to convey any load detail or load changes directly to the driver. There are no phone apps to download. If your driver can receive and send a text message - you are all set. Below is an outline of how easy it is to use Driver Track & Trace.

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Step 1

Send the driver a special text message from .

Image 1

Step 2

The driver receives the special text message that includes a unique link.

Image 2

Step 3

The driver selects the link and chooses a reply from the list on their cell phone's screen.

Image 3

Step 4

receives the reply along with the GPS location of the driver's cell phone.

Image 4

Step 5

Your map and contact log are updated automatically. You can receive the driver's location as often as you want. You can even get their exact location before the pickup/drop off so you can make sure they will be on time for their appointment.

Image 5

If you would like more information regarding the Driver Track & Trace feature, please feel free to contact us at