Uber Freight & AscendTMS

Manage your trucking operations with the same TMS technology used by the world's

largest trucking companies, now with recommended loads powered by Uber Freight.

Load Management

No Contracts. No Downloads. No Installs.

By combining the power of and Uber Freight, carriers can see recommended loads directly from their schedule and can automatically add loads booked on the Uber Freight platform to their schedule. This makes it easier than ever to maximize your earnings per truck and minimize the manual tasks it takes to keep your business running.

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Uber Freight has partnered with to offer you a free transportation management system (TMS) that will help you manage your trucking business all in one place.


Save Time Finding Loads
The combination of Uber Freight and makes it easier for carriers to fill the gaps in their schedule with loads that will help them maximize their earnings. Carriers can also spend less time searching for the right load by bidding on loads that have been recommended to them based on their existing loads and truck locations.

Save Time Managing your Schedule
Once a carrier integrates their Uber Freight and accounts, loads booked on the Uber Freight platform will automatically be added to their schedule. This reduces the time it takes to manage and plan your capacity.

To get started with your free Uber Freight TMS software from , just click the "Get Started" button below. Setting up and integrating your accounts is easy, and there's no obligation, no cost, and no tech expertise needed!