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is the ONLY TMS software already integrated for carriers, brokers AND factors the moment you start using it. Load payments to you and to others are a breeze, and they’re already integrated into your load accounting in your account. Let’s face it, manual payments are a pain. They cost you money and they take you time. But, with and the TriumphPay Payments Network you become part of a digital family for payments & receipts. WATCH THIS VIDEO and see how you can get FOR FREE for a FULL YEAR with our 80+ payment’s partners. It will change your life if you’re in the trucking or logistics industry. WATCH NOW!

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is the world's most popular TMS because we are just better than everything else. Our number 1 overall ranking on all the major review websites gives you the confidence to know that your TMS software has all the features you need to perform like a rock star.

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DM World

We abondoned another 'big-market name brand' TMS after 6 months because they couldn't get EDI up and running for Amazon. AscendTMS connected us to Amazon in under a week - and it's a much better TMS system than the 'name brand' we left. AscendTMS is much better than the competition. I like how simple and inexpensive it is. Especially compared to all the other TMS's on the market right now.

- DM World Transportation

Shippers Choice

AscendTMS saved us huge amounts of money on our direct TMS software costs for a much better product. It also allowed us to start up our successful and profitable asset division to allow us to meet the needs of our valuable shipper customers. AscendTMS is the best overall software desicion we have ever made here. I highly recommend it.

- Luis Saenz - Shipper's Choice Global

Rapid Worldwide

I absolutely LOVE AscendTMS and the support your team offers. Rapid Worldwide has been completely blowing up with business since I signed up my company with AscendTMS. As the CEO of my company, I truly appreciate this tool more than any other for my employees. This software has truly given me and my team the capabilities and confidence to compete against multi-billion dollar corporations and win. Thanks for doing such a great job with your team and your software.

- Jon Bustamante, CEO, Rapid Worldwide

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